OK the Art 4 Sale page is finally completed updated to include all of what I have to offer right now. I decided that yesterday I would just get it done.

I still have a blank canvas sitting on my easel waiting to get paint put on it, that should start happening soon, most likely going to start that on Friday. I was going to start it yesterday but I decided to get the sales page up first. Glad I did that for sure so that it is done.

I eventually want to get one new painting done a week, or at least one every other week as my intention is only to sell one off paintings, no prints, just real actual paintings. Will I eventually do prints, maybe later on I will do so, only time will tell. I would prefer not to dilute the value of my work which I feel offering prints would do. Might I contemplate adding merch of some sort with my art on it, that is possible, mulling that around as well.

Next week I have to travel for my full time job, so I won’t be getting much done during that week, though my plan is to take along a sketch book and some drawing tools and see if I can get in some drawing time that I very sorely need to get done, I am very out of practice in those regards as I haven’t picked up a pencil to draw in years, more like decades so I need to get to doing that regularly. This coming week seems like a good time to do that.

The other fun thing is since I am working toward competing in my first Men’s Physique show next year I have to make sure I keep my diet on point as I am trying to get my body fat down to a much lower level and I don’t need traveling to upset that too much. Since I have to fly to my location (I wanted to drive) I will have to do some grocery shopping and then once I check into the hotel I have to get my food ready for the week, I am staying in a place that has a kitchenette so I can cook some food. I am planning on keeping it simple and doing just chicken and rice, and likely bringing some protein powder for protein shakes.

I do hope to also update this site further with an About Me page as well, I haven’t gotten to that as of yet but will possibly even today. I am also trying to dress up the site some as well with additional images on the static pages.

All for now!

By iDraw4Me

Artist returning to creating new art after many years away from doing so.