So, Monday I was supposed to travel for my full time gig, the trip was all set and then over the weekend a tropical depression popped up in the gulf, which then turned into a tropical depression and is now on its way to being a hurricane, but apparently suddenly my trip got cancelled, I can just say I was lucky that it was cancelled before I got on the plane to Orlando. The unfortunate thing was I checked in for my flight and checked my bag, which wound up going to Orlando. The airline was nice enough to reroute it back to me and will be delivering it today. It was quite the little adventure for sure. And worse was that it was all due to one person misunderstanding what was stated by someone else.

But now all things are normal thank goodness. I did figure something out though that I need to get a bigger backpack than the one I use on the daily for going back and forth to work for when I travel so that it can hold two laptops instead of just one, since I need to drag along my personal laptop with me as well as my work related one. This way I still have the ability to do other things that I can’t do with my work laptop like maintain my websites and all. I can do somethings from my iPad, but it is rather limited in terms of developing graphics and what not, I much prefer working with Photoshop or Illustrator and what not. So, I have been searching for a suitable extra to keep just for when I travel, I have figured out that I need something that is at least 30 – 32 Liters which is 6 – 8 Liters in size bigger than my daily use one. That should accommodate the extra laptop and other things that I don’t want to be in my suitcase that I check.

The bonus of course is I didn’t get stuck in Florida due to a hurricane that is going to make landfall sometime today or tomorrow, and likely would have delayed my ability to get out and get home on time depending on how bad it is. Right now, they are projecting it will make landfall at a Cat 3, which is pretty bad.

I was going to get started on a new piece this week but so far, I haven’t gotten anything done on it, more than likely looking like I will start it on Friday, as I have just done some planning on how I am going to do it and where I want certain colors to go and what colors I want to use. That is a good enough start for me at this point.

Well, this is all for now.

By iDraw4Me

Artist returning to creating new art after many years away from doing so.