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So this week has been a bit of a slow one, mostly because it was a three day weekend for me, due to the Labor Day holiday.

Over the weekend the wife and I headed down to Rehoboth Beach, which is south of us in Delaware and took our bikes and road around the town and to Cape Henlopen State Park as well though that was kind of by accident, it was a good accident, as we have never been there and it seems to be a very beautiful park which we will be going back to in order to explore it further. The weather was gorgeous so it was a great day to be outside and do that.

The rest of the weekend was just a nice lazy weekend.

The weather here has gotten hot as all get out again, with feels like temps upwards of 105 the last three days, not sure exactly when that is going to end but hopefully sooner than later. It also appears that we have a slight chance of a hurricane coming up our way as well on the East Coast, that still isn’t something we know for sure but the chance is there.

On Tuesday I started the new canvas, just applied a bit of paint to it, not a lot, the idea for how it is going to go is still germinating in my head. I will post an update photo of how it looks by Monday because I will likely work on it over the weekend because my wife will be drilling and I will be home with just the dog.

Just wanted to toss out a quick post because I am trying to be better at this.

All for now!

By iDraw4Me

Artist returning to creating new art after many years away from doing so.

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