Just a quick update on where I am at with the website.

First I selected a new theme, I wanted something super simple, and I found it and have set that up as the one which I will use going forward because I want it to be super simple.

Second, I started getting my art 4 sale posted back up, that is going to take some time since I also have to create the buttons individually for each one, that was a pain because PayPal in all there updates have kept moving around where the button creation stuff is, but I found it and got the first one started.

And lastly, I have another canvas up on my easel but it is still blank, I just haven’t had time with everything else, but I plan on starting that on Friday, and maybe even finishing it up by the weekend since my wife has to go to drill which leaves me by my lonesome for the weekend so I can use some of that time to get that started if not done.

On an upside, bought a bunch of new stuff to try out from Liquitex from Michaels because it was on sale BOGO 1/2 off, so took advantage and added some of there new liquid acrylic paints which I can’t wait to use, I have something in mind for them already, just have to get past the blank one first.

Well this is it for now, another update soon.


By iDraw4Me

Artist returning to creating new art after many years away from doing so.