About Me

This is obviously the hardest page to put together on this whole site, as if you are anything like me it is hard to talk about yourself. But here I go:

I was born in 1969, and had quite the simple upbringing, went to normal schools and have pretty normal parents, neither of whom were creative in any way (Dad was a cop, mom a respiratory therapist). I have a younger brother and younger sister, also neither of which has a creative bone in their body.

Me on the other hand I started drawing things early on in life, around 5 or 6, and from there just fell in love with art and the idea of art itself. Early in life I kept experimenting with things to keep learning and went from doing comics to eventually using markers and colored pencils to recreate album covers (wish I still had that drawing pad, someone stole it back in high school) and I just kept working my skills with drawing various different things that were of interest to me.

Eventually it got around to time when high school ended and it was time to go to college, I wanted to attend an art school but my parents were like that will never amount to anything, so I did the next best thing, while in high school I took ever drafting class that was available so I had some mad skills when it came to that and back then you still used mechanical pencils to draw things, so for college I took drafting and design classes, till I got bored with that. Since I had to work full time while in school it was not much fun so eventually school got put on the back burner and I just worked, my first real job was as a physical therapy aide, but eventually I found a company hiring draftsman and landed that and eventually kept looking for jobs that were better than the previous in this type of work, however what happened was I stopped doing fun drawing.

Things changed with drafting as well, it went at the start of me working using pencils and pens, to eventually being done via computers, which was fine I adjusted and developed those skills until I was super good at that too, but again I continued to let go of my previous mad skills in drawing which I now once had. But at the time it was more important to be gainfully employed rather than do the thing you love.

Though I got really good at the digital stuff eventually even that went away, because as I needed to stay gainfully employed to support my new family I eventually went from being a Technical Illustrator to a Technical Writer, which is where I have been at for the last two plus decades, though the title has changed many times over the years to now be Technical Publications Manager the work has pretty much remained the same.

So here I am sitting on a plane traveling for my full-time gig and I suddenly get an idea for a painting, and then I get another idea for a second one, this is also a the beginning of the “pandemic” and I put that aside initially but then we all got sent home to work at home for the next two years, so those ideas that I had sidelined popped back up, so I started buying up some art supplies and got to it creating those first two pieces. They dealt heavily with emotions and feelings from being clean and sober (14 years now), and to be honest even now after over a decade you have to deal with new emotions and feelings which for quite some time were fully shut down, so a lot of my abstract art has to do with releasing those emotions and feelings in my art.

Most of the work I have been doing, actually all of it has been abstract to this point, do I intend on moving in other directions, I think so, something that has always been of interest to me is erotic art, but to get there I have to get my drawing skills back, something I have yet to start working on as of yet, but I will be seriously getting into that in the coming weeks and really getting it together when it comes to that so that I can stretch my drawing skills but then bring that to my painting as well.

As far as mediums, I work with acrylics on canvas or canvas boards and have been working with various different sizes of which are all available here on the site.

My goal is to try and do at least two new pieces a month, working my way to make getting 4 per month. I only plan on doing originals, I don’t want to dilute the worth of my work, if its a one off there is always just one so that its value will always be there.

Do I hope to be a household name some day, it would surely be nice but I would take just being known well amongst the art world by itself.

I am not sure if I will edit this page or add to it but I might, but for now this is all.