Quick Shopping Cart Update

Quick Shopping Cart Update

Well apparently, it appears that I have had failure issues using WooCommerce as my shopping cart and I am going to have to make updates as to how people can buy my artwork, this is going to take a couple of days as I am just going to create a shopping page using PayPal as my means of accepting payment. I will hopefully have this all done and ready to go by the end of the weekend if not sooner.

UPDATE 22 September 2022 - I have now gotten all the leftovers from WooCommerce removed which that particular plug-in left behind. Next step which I will start either later today or tomorrow is the new page with all my artwork on it with PayPal order buttons in order to pay for it. This shouldn't take that long because I don't have a lot of originals as of yet.

UPDATE 23 September 2022 - So after looking into some different things it appears that Shopify is the front runner to replace any shopping cart. I grabbed another domain name to go with it to link from here to the shopping portion. I will likely be signing up for that later on today and then getting it set up over the weekend in order to get it live by Monday in the AM.

UPDATE 26 September 2022 - I have set up a Shopify account and I will be working this week on moving this site over to that one. This is going to take me some time to do. New URL is idraw4me.art, decided I would grab a .art domain name at this point in order to change things up a little bit. The biggest issue is going to be moving my blog posts to the new location, that is going to be the most time consuming.

Thanks for your patience while I fix this issue

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