Really need to do more updates here…

Really need to do more updates here…

I am going to have to make it a regular thing to post at least one update per week here in the blog section, I have been extremely lax in doing so but starting this week I am going to do just that. I want to be able to have somewhere that could possibly generate some dialog between myself and those browsing the site.

I have been creating in between, here is one of my latest, which I have to add to the store:

Just finished this last week, and I have two others which I also have to add to the website for sale as well.

I am also mulling over the idea of changing the name of the website but I am not 100% decided on that as of yet, I have something chosen and it a reflection of my past and present and kind of part of how I got here.

Well that is it for now!


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